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* Impact of Scribes on Performance Indicators in the Emergency Department

R. Arya, M.D., D. Salovich, and M. Merlin, D.O.

Department of Emergency Medicine, UMDNJ- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Piscataway, NJ

Medical Student, UMDNJ- Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Now you can see 0.8 more patients per hour in your Emergency Room!*

Medical research from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (2008) has shown that by using medical scribes in your ER you will see more patients!

All MEDVIKS® Virtual Doctor Scribes are graduated Medical Doctors!

Doctor-to-Doctor dialogue facilitates understanding of patient’s medical condition. Result: Improved documentation


Benefits to Hospital:

1. More accurate, complete and timely documentation of the patient’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

2. All Virtual Doctor Scribes are bilingual English and Spanish

3. * Medical research shows that the potential to increase the number of patients seen per hour by 0.8 (medical research from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

4. Data entry by ER doctor (typing) is eliminated

Financial Review of a Medical Scribe Program to Improve Emergency Medicine Documentation at an Academic Medical Center:  15 Months after Implementation
Courtney Terry, Robert O’Connor, Kathleen Cardella, Scott Syverud (University of Virginia)
Objective:  To examine the financial impact of a Medical Scribe Program used to improve emergency medicine resident documentation.

Conclusion:  A Medical Scribe Program at an academic medical center significantly improves the completion of resident documentation. E&M codes requiring detailed documentation, 99284, 99285, and 99291 were significantly increased.  Financially, the first year of a Medical Scribe Program operates at a loss from set-up expenses and aggressive expansion; however, the 5-year financial model yields a positive NPV, indicating added financial value to an academic emergency department.


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