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MEDVIKs® Telehealth, LP is located at The Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas (USA). As a leader in videoconferencing language assistance for hospitals, our experience has helped us develop a virtual medical scribe program to help Emergency Room Departments and their healthcare providers have quicker documentation of patient medical records with the assistance of medical scribes through our advanced technologies using secure Internet-based IP video teleconferencing.

MEDVIKS® is the first company in the nation to offer the emergency room doctor an answer to the mounting documentation problem with a Virtual Solution.  The fact that all of our Scribes are actual medical doctors is paramount.  With our unique service, the emergency room doctor will be able to interact with our Virtual Doctor Scribe in a much higher level of communication in order to achieve a much better and more thorough patient documentation record than would be achieved using a medical student or a college student as a Scribe.

Throughout the US, emergency room doctors find that they are being overwhelmed with increasingly  more patient documentation.  The American College of Emergency Physicians noted in their April 2008 Task Force Report that “emergency room doctors are spending at least 90 to 120 minutes of an 8-hour shift solely on documentation”.

Now, through cutting edge technology and the Virtual Doctor Scribe – MEDVIKS® can offer an immediate relief from this ever increasing task of inputting into the patient’s electronic medical record.  With the MEDVIKS® Virtual Doctor Scribe Program – the emergency room doctor will now be able to examine his emergency room patient without having to worry about finding time to document all of his patient findings. 

During the doctor’s examination of the patient, the Scribe is inputting directly into the patient’s electronic medical record virtually as the doctor is relating to the Scribe his findings about the patient’s medical condition – all in real time and in clear and pristine full motion videoconferencing.  By the time the doctor finishes examining the patient, the patient’s electronic medical record has been completed.

What MEDVIKS® has discovered through the use of the MEDVIKS® Virtual Doctor Scribe Program is that those emergency rooms that have used our service have had a marked reduction in LOS (Length of stay), LWBS (Left without being seen), and statistically significant changes in their RVU/hr (relative value units) and PPH (patients per hour) indicators.   All of these factors were found to have a direct impact on seeing more patients in the emergency room as noted in a research study done at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in 2008 titled  “Impact of Scribes on Performance Indicators in the Emergency Department”.  This study found that through the use of a medical scribe, the potential to increase the number of patients seen per hour rose to 0.8.

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